About Your HOA

Encore homeowners belong to two Homeowners Associations: the Briar Chapel HOA and the Encore HOA. Residents are entitled to attend and observe both board meetings, to vote in both board elections, and volunteer for Board work and committee assignments.

Each HOA has a different management company, board, and committees. Who does what? Let’s try to sort it out on this page.

Encore HOA

Encore’s management company is CAMS. Contact CAMS with questions and requests concerning your property landscaping, Encore billing, and maintenance of the pool and other clubhouse amenities.

The Encore HOA Board meets monthly. Board members’ contact information is available in the password-protected Resident Directory. Encore covenants are here; bylaws are here; and Board and committee meeting minutes are here.

Question or comment for the Board? Contact Us

2024 Encore HOA Board:

Bill Buckley. Originally from Michigan, Bill was educated there and then moved with his family to Washington DC, Rochester, NY, Falls Church, VA and finally to Chapel Hill. His professional life has been wrapped around public affairs, lobbying and consulting for Kodak and a variety of industries. He enjoys pickleball, golf, gardening, and skiing.

Bruno Cedrone is a native of New Jersey and has lived in Chapel Hill for the past 33 years. Bruno has spent his work life in a variety of positions in accounting, budgeting and financial planning primarily in the pharmaceutical industry and the healthcare/hospital field. He enjoys reading history and is an aviation enthusiast.

Dan Harper. Dan and Linda met in San Francisco, then found their way to Chapel Hill via Atlanta, Rochester and Southern California.   Dan’s career included positions in sales, marketing, and sr. leadership primarily in the hi-tech industry. Loves working out at Orange Theory, playing cards and getting to Philadelphia and Brooklyn to see his daughters and grandchildren.

Joanie Alexander retired as Executive Assistant to the GM of a Fortune 500 Company. After 63 years in Boston, she relocated to NC. Two years later, she met her husband, Daryl. A charter member of Chatham County’s first DAR Chapter, she is passionate in supporting our military. She is most proud of three daughters, three sons-in-law, and five grandchildren.

Dick Mann is a native of New York City but has lived in many cities across the country including returning to Chapel Hill for a second time. IBM launched Dick on a path toward financial management expertise for a broad number of colleges and universities including Deputy Chancellor for Finance and Budgeting at UNC. Dick enjoys sailing, pickleball and continuing education.

Encore’s HOA Committees

The Board is advised by five committees, shown below. Committee members are appointed by the Board. Committee chairs can be contacted through the links on the Contact Us page.

Financial: Chair John Williamson, Dalise Blanton, Jim Graham, Dinesh Patel. Financial Committee Charter

Landscaping: Chair David Lindquist, Sandi Buchanan, Sharon White, David Mirkovich, Libby Hamilton, and Gordon Albro. Landscaping Committee Charter.

Social: Chair Mary Ann Hale, Joanne Cedrone, Donna Clodfelter, Judith Meece, Patty Brown, and Fran Wooten. Social Committee Charter

Communications: Chair Susan Reed, Karen Pullen, Scott Kiser, Mary Richbourg, and Janet Anderson. Communications Committee Charter

Facilities: Chair Keith Anderson, Secretary Faye Rogan, Sandy DeWeese, Roscoe McWilliams, Richard Wearne, and Lynn LaMar. Facilities Committee Charter

Encore Governing Documents



Briar Chapel HOA

Briar Chapel’s management company is Kuester, which has several employees on site who serve the community.

The Briar Chapel Life website contains extensive information on Kuester management team, the BC Board and committees.

Recommended reading! Briar Chapel HOA 101 is an overview of the benefits, responsibilities, and governing entities of a HOA.